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Why we are the best?

Our team is committed and dedicated to achieving the best results for every project. We focus on details and results to ensure your project generates the biggest impact, and we are motivated to persevere and keep improving. We believe that trimming costs not only increases profit but also produces higher quality outcomes. Our team loves working with enthusiastic clients who are passionate about their business. We also assist our clients by connecting business owners with high quality business partners/investors. While providing excellent products and services is imperative, every now and then, in today’s business environment, "it's not about what you know - it's who you know".

Ultimately, Atlas believes that great communication is a critical factor for a successful business of any size, in any country, and in any industry. We aim to help our clients actualize their absolute best results.

Clients we work with

Single Oak Ventures is a private equity and venture capital firm specializing in early, late stage, fund of fund, syndicate/direct, and secondary private equity investments. The firm seeks to invest in technology companies. It invests in the Silicon Valley region. Single Oak Ventures is based in California with offices in Beverly Hills and San Francisco. Single Oak Ventures is one of a new generation of funds which provides access to top companies and industry veterans without high minimums. Single Oak is managed by an experienced team of industry leaders with extensive backgrounds in venture capital, finance, securities law, sales, marketing and executive management.

For over twenty years, foreign investors and their families have been obtaining permanent residency in the United States through the 5th Employment-Based Preference (EB-5) visa program. The EB-5 program offers an expedited way for qualified foreign investors to obtain a US Green Card and US citizenship. Greystone’s more than 20-year track record in real estate makes them the only EB-5 platform with the experience, resources and capabilities of a full-service real estate lender, advisor, developer, and loan servicer. EB-5 financing offers an attractive alternative to traditional capital markets-based financing, and working with the right EB-5 platform can mitigate many of its challenges. Together with their world class team of experts, network of regional centers, and overseas distribution platforms they oversee the entire EB-5 process, including deal structuring, document preparation, marketing, loan servicing and investor relations.

U.S. School Accept has a combined 200+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in university placement and support service for international students. U.S. School Accept improves applicants' chances of getting accepted by connecting them with former international admissions officers at the colleges and universities they are interested in attending. They also assist with the student visa process and living arrangements either in safe on-campus housing or approved home-stay families. U.S. School Accept is a collective of former directors of admissions, international evaluators, immigration advisors and international counselors from Yale, Stanford, UCLA and UC Berkeley. They manage the entire process, including regular check-ins, establishing deadlines and tracking student progress from application to Bachelor’s degree.

Black Swan Venture Capital is an early-growth venture capital fund based in London, England. The mission at Black Swan Venture Capital is to create as many high return investments as possible by focusing on the outlier phenomena known as Black Swans. They invest in technology businesses driven by smart entrepreneurial teams, with disruptive ideas for extreme impact solutions. They invest across the US and Europe. A focus area is emerging talent in the Nordic region – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland – countries which have a strong tradition of innovation, and have produced more than 30% of European technology unicorns (start-ups valued at $1 billion) since the year 2000.

Past clients available upon request